Sports Massage Therapy Perfect for 

Neck ache 
Head ache 
Back ache 
Sports injury 
Body stiffness 
Recurring pain 
Old injuries 
Neck ache 
Head ache 
Back ache 
Sports injury 
Body stiffness 
Recurring pain 
Old injuries 
*Magic Hands*  
I have been told repeatedly that I have magic hands – I haven’t had a disappointed customer yet! 
Beki Clinton 
Sports massage isn’t just for sports injuries! The ideal use for Sports massage is for prevention of injury. 
By having regular massages, we can keep your muscles and joints working effectively and free from tension, so you are less likely to injure yourself. If you are suffering from aches and pains, postural problems, or even scar tissue that is affecting your life, then Sports Massage can help you as well! 
I take a holistic approach to all of my work. I help clients identify areas that may be adding to their issues, and work with them to find the best solution, through massage, stretch techniques and strengthening work. 
I have been a Personal Trainer since 2012, but this was the natural next step for me. I started training on the job in Early 2018, where I learnt the basics of sports massage and started learning everything I would need to know for a career in Sports Massage. 
Throughout the year I gained a lot of hands on practice, from my many volunteers and learnt a lot from these sessions. From early days I was receiving good feedback on my pressure and technique. 
Later in November 2018 I completed my Level 3 course and became a fully qualified Sports Massage Therapist, starting my new career direction already with a book of happy clients!! The more in depth knowledge I have gained has also helped me improve my services as a Personal Trainer.  
I am now turning my attention to studies around scar tissue, and spinal flexibility, and hope to complete Level 4 sports massage in the near future. 
Contact Beki on 07952 027165 
"I had been suffering terribly with sciatica. I cannot believe the relief today from last night's treatment. Truly amazing, I will be back for a full body treatment to help ease my muscle pain with my fibromyalgia." 
Massage client - Michelle 
"Super impressed with the brilliant service. Husband has been complaining of a knee injury for some time. Beki was able to offer an appointment for later that day to assess and complete a sports massage. My husband was put at ease and felt confident that Becki was very knowledgeable and dedicated to her job. Happy to report that the injury appears to have improved after only one session. He is looking forward to a further session. Thanks again!" 
Massage Client – Steph 

Hypnotherapist & Life Coach Julie Wright 

A qualified nurse with over 30 years’ experience and a qualified Life Coach, Julie understands the benefits of Hypnotherapy as an alternative to medical intervention (on occasion) and made the decision to train to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist. 
Julie’s passion is supporting individuals to improve self-confidence and self-image and she believes that everyone has the potential to be happy in all areas of life but sometimes support may be needed to achieve this. Hypnosis and / or Life Coaching can help. 
Whether a person’s aim is to get motivated to become physically fitter, lose weight, stop smoking, build confidence, overcome phobias, relieve pain, manage stress or reduce anxiety or depression, hypnotherapy and/ or Life Coaching can be positive alternatives to medication and counselling. 
As a Life Coach Julie can also support with helping individuals achieve their life time ambitions and goals. 
To learn more about what hypnosis is (and what it’s not), or to understand how Hypnotherapy or Life Coaching can potentially change your life: Contact Julie on 07825 983228 

Pain Management & Acupuncture Helen Hyde 

I have been a qualified nurse for the past 32 years. The last 14 years have been spent working as a specialist nurse in Pain Management. As a clinical nurse specialist in Pain Management I have been able to work closely with patients to enable them to understand their pain and to find appropriate ways to manage pain effectively. Pain management involves looking at the whole person, taking into account the wider ways in which chronic pain can affect a person’s life, work and relationships. 
Pain, especially chronic pain impacts on all areas of our lives. It affects our ability to work and interact with our family and friends. It affects our sleep and this in turn can make pain worse. It can change the person we are and who we want to be. It can affect our mood and make us anxious. 
Acupuncture does not promise to cure the original problem but it can ease painful and troublesome symptoms enabling you to return to an active and fulfilling life. The Advertising Standards Authority no longer allows acupuncturists to name conditions they treat. However if you are struggling with any of the following problems contact me for a FREE no obligation consultation to discuss your individual problems. 
Ongoing pain and discomfort 
Sleep disturbed by pain or ill health 
Health problems which are having an impact on your everyday life 
Call Helen on 07769 113945 

Health and Wellbeing Practitioner Heidi Dodson 

As a qualified Life Coach, Counsellor and Fitness Instructor, Heidi understands the importance of both Physical and Mental Health. 
Heidi's passion is supporting individuals to manage stress, anxiety, anger, relationship issues or work on career goals. 
Health and Wellbeing Coaching improves positivity, productivity and self confidence. Heidi believes that everyone has the potential to be happy in all areas of life but sometimes support may be needed to achieve this. 
To learn more about how Health and Wellbeing Coaching can potentially change your life: Contact Heidi on 01482 899588 or 07429 353375 

Human Givens Psychotherapist Pete Allison 

Hi my name is Pete Allison I have had a passion for helping people for many years, I also developed an interest in self-help and self-improvement and so decided to train initially as a Hypnotherapist. I then went on to develop my skills by becoming a Mental Health First Aider, EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique) Reiki practitioner and a Psychotherapy Diploma from the Human Givens college. My aim is to help anyone overcome unhelpful or damaging issues ranging from Trauma (PTSD), Anxiety, Depression, Phobias and Addiction Abuse. 
Using the Human Givens solution focused approach resolves issues quickly and effectively by meeting your innate Emotional Needs, I do this by utilising your inbuilt Innate Resources to achieve a balanced lifestyle. Just as a lack of one of our physical needs (such as water or food) can make us ill and threaten our life, so a missing element of our emotional needs can cause us emotional difficulties that can lead to mental and physical ill health. Conversely, with all of our needs met in balance we will thrive and flourish. 
If our needs are being met well and in balance, we will thrive and be in good emotional health: we cannot be mentally unhealthy. 
When our needs are not well met, we struggle with emotional difficulties and can suffer mental and physical illness. 
The way we use our innate resources to meet our needs determines our physical and emotional health: individually and also within our family, work, cultural and global contexts. 
Call Pete on 07855 829189 or email 

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