Personal Trainers 

Personal Trainers (PTs) help people develop a personally satisfying routine of everyday activities that creates a sense of purpose and direction. By helping to improving fitness and health, this also leads to better mental health, and positive lifestyle changes. They will support you to do activities that provide enjoyment and support health and wellbeing in a safe and effective manner taking into consideration any health issues you may have. 

Sports Massage 

A Sports Massage therapist can help with many health problems, or can even be used as a relaxation massage. The ideal use for Sports massage is for prevention of injury. A regular massage can keep muscles and joints working effectively and free from tension, so injury is less likely to occur. If you are suffering from aches and pains, postural problems, or even scar tissue that is affecting your life, then Sports Massage can help. 


A Hypnotherapist can support a person where issues may be causing a blockage which can interfere with reaching goals. Hypnotherapy is a talking therapy involving hypnosis which focuses a client’s imagination and subconscious to help bring about positive changes to their thoughts, feelings or behaviour. Prior to a session being booked, the hypnotherapist and client will discuss in detail the problem that needs to be resolved and the goal that the individual would like to achieve. 
Common issues that can be addresses through hypnotherapy include: stopping smoking, phobias, weight loss and confidence issues. The number of Hypnotherapy sessions required will depend on the problem to be addressed. In some instances only one session may be required (after assessment) such as stopping smoking, but weight loss as an example will require several sessions. 

Life Coach 

A life coach is someone who helps individuals identify their goals and develop an actionable plan to achieve them. To attain fitness or event goals, the experience, enthusiastic support, objective perspective and insight of a coach may be required. This is just as true for CEOs, entrepreneurs, business leaders, executives and business professionals. A life coach is someone professionally trained and qualified to support individuals and teams maximise their full potential and reach their desired results. 

Team Leader 

A Team leader acts as a Support Worker, to offer support in all aspects of your treatment within the BA wellbeing centre. This can be through regular chats, advise you on meal planning, or just an occasional drop in. The Team leader’s role is to make sure the issues that were spoken about on consultation are being dealt with effectively. It is also a chance to discuss future needs and objectives and make sure the client is getting all the help they need. If there are any problems within the time at the BA Wellness centre, the client will be encouraged to express them here. 

BA Wellness Centre Referrals 

If you are 18 or over you can refer yourself by phoning/texting us on 07952 027165, or by completing the contact form. From here we can arrange a direct meeting with one of our specialists, or arrange a free consultation to review what is best for you. 
If you are under 18 please discuss your needs with your Parent / Guardian. We are happy for you to contact us, but we will need a parent or guardian present when you come for consultation. 

Free no-obligation consultation 

We offer a free no-obligation consultation to discuss your needs.  
Book an appointment now and take the first step towards changing your life! 
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